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Hands on History Celebration Event

Our “Women who shaped the lives of people in Peterborough” was just a
small part of a larger project ran in Peterborough by CP Learning Trust.

Today was their End of Project Celebration where all the organisations that ran a ‘Hands on History’ project came together to view their work. It was also a day where the learners from those different organisations, were personally awarded with a certificate acknowledging their research efforts.

The event was very informative. Groups had researched the History of RAF Westwood, History of Peterborough Hospitals, History of Iqbana and our own Women who shaped Peterborough, to name but a few.

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Hands on History – Celebration of Project event

CP Learning Trust are hosting a Celebration of Project Event at the City College Peterborough for all those people involved in the project.

The event will be held in rooms H1 13 & H1 14 at City College Peterborough, from 1pm to 3pm.  Including lunch.

Celebration of Project Invite

The research work and pictures from our group of ladies at Peterborough Women’s Centre will be on display as will this website.  We would ask  that all those involved in the project contact Gaynor Cooper at CP Learning Trust to book their place and provide numbers for lunch.

Gaynor can be contacted on 07894 390375 or email

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Mary Rainey

On 8th March 2011 at Peterborough Women’s Centre the Conference room will be dedicated to Mary Rainey.

Mary was instramental in setting up the Womens Centre at Peterborough and she had also received a Lifetime Achievement Award for years of work in the city.  Mary passed away in February 2010.

Some of her achievements during her lifetime she was a Teacher, Councillor, City Mayor, Wife and Mother.

During an interview with the Peterborough ET Mary said she had wanted to create a supporting environment where women could be not just supported but also empowered.

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Peterborough Museum

As part of our ‘Hands on History Women Who Shaped Peterborough’ course we were treated to a tour of Peterborough with a guide from Peterborough Museum. The museum which is currently closed for renovation runs city tours and is also looks at other ways to get out into the community. I have taken my family to the museum previously and staff in costume fascinated the children. I look forward to their reopening and hope that during their closure they will continue to organize events (especially during the school holidays).

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Women in Peterborough Census

It was only after 1800 that Peterborough became a significantly populated area.

The 1801 census recorded just 3,500 people here which more than doubled to 8,763 by the 1851 census.

It had rocketed to 30,873 by the time the 1901 census was taken.

The 2001 census showed there were 156,060 people in Peterborough 3,000 more than in 1991 – with roughly 4,000 more women than men.

The city has more people aged 30 to 34 and more children under the age of four than the national average.

The figures showed that 89.71% of the population (140,003) was white, compared to 92.58% ten years earlier.

There were 6,980 Pakistanis and 2,876 Indians in the city at the time.

Age Range           Total           Males                  Females

0-4                       10240         5166                    5074

5-9                       10922         5641                    5281

10-14                   11002         5554                    5448

20-24                   9640           4731                    4909

25-29                   11405         5676                    5729

30-34                   12692         6210                    6482

35-39                   12113         5900                    6213

40-44                   10799         5305                    5494

45-49                   10039         4872                    5167

50-54                   10287         5155                    5132

55-59                   8006           3914                    4092

60-64                   6809           3381                    3428

65-69                   6372           3007                    3365

70-79                   5679           4618                    2009 2609

80-84                   3069           1194                    1875

85-89                   1609           501                      1108

90 and over         269             190                      79

Totals                   156060       76017                  80043

What is the census?

A census is a count of the population. We have had one in the UK every ten years to find out more about who we are as a nation. We ask everyone to tell us a bit about themselves to help census users decide how best to plan and deliver the everyday services we all need – like housing, education, healthcare and transport.

The census will take place on 27 March 2011 and you will receive your questionnaire in the middle of March.

You are required by law to complete the census.

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Miss Pears Almshouses

Almshouses – charitable buildings to help the poor and needy – were built on the corner of Cumbergate and Exchange Street in 1835 by the Feoffes of Peterborough, a body established in the 16th century with various public responsibilities.

They also ran a prison on the adjoining site until 1844 when a purpose built jail, now the Sessions House, was built in 1844.

The almshouses were largely rebuilt in 1903 thanks to Miss Frances Pears – the daughter of a well-known draper in the city – who left  them £5,000 for the purpose when she died in 1901.

The listed building housed Topo Gigio’s restaurant – which has no link with the current restaurant of that name – between 1982 and 1996.

1n 1999, Yates Wine Lodge showed interest in opening up there, before opting for its current site on Broadway, and shortly afterwards, Peter Boizot opened the venue as a wine bar, only to see it close on February 24, 2003. 

It is currently Harriets  Café Tearooms.



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Peterborough Ladies Football

The first record of ladies’ football in Peterborough dated back to November 9, 1934 when a team representing the city’s cinemas took on Marks and Spencer works side, in aid of the Mayor’s Unemployment Fund.

They played at Fletton United’s ground with admission 6d.

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