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Peterborough Women’s Centre mark IWD2011

Here’s a link to an article that has appeared in today’s Peterborough ET regarding our Interneational Women’s Day event last week.

We are awaiting a link to this on the web and will share as soon as we have a better link.

Article from ET 14th March 2011

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Unfortunately they got Glennis Bentley award incorrect.


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Learning IT with Peterborough Women’s Centre

I would like to mention how Karen Toon has helped me and many more people get On-line in Peterborough through her teaching sessions in the IT Suite at Peterborough Women Centre.  I know many women who are very grateful for what they have learned and there are many I have not even met.

In the last three years I have learned many skills and during the last year have also been helped by Di Skillen as well.  Thank-you to both of you.

You are both Women Who Shaped The Future Of Peterborough.

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Helen Clark

Former teacher Helen Clark (nee Dyche) was elected as Peterborough’s first Labour MP in May 1997, as Helen Brinton.

She was born in 1952, the only child of Staunch labour supports George and Phyllis, both of whom were teachers as well.

Having won the Peterborough seat she married for a second time, and held on to the seat, in the 2002 election.

One of Helen’s first major achievements was the “Home Zone”.   This area around Chaucer Road in New England, was one of the first in the country – of nine so far – to be built.  A “Home Zone” is an area in which pedestrians and cyclists have priority over cars on the roads.

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Glennis Bentley, MBE

On 24th January 2011, Karen Wilson and the Hands On History Group, invited Glennis Bentley, MBE to come to Peterborough Women’s Centre to talk to their group who are currently researching ‘Women who shaped the lives of people in Peterborough’.

Here’s Part 1 of a video in which Glennis tells her story.

Other online links to Glennis Bentley’s Award:

Stewart Jackson MP, Tweets on twitter about his constituent Glennis Bently and her award.

MP Stewart Jackson, tweets about Glennis Bentley, MBE

A tweet from Stewart Jackson, MP

Stewart Jackson can be followed on twitter @SJacksonMP

Our local paper Peterborough Evening Telegraph, reporting:

The Home Office, report on her achievements

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