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Peterborough Women’s Centre, in conjunction with CP Learning Trust are running a joint project looking at the History of Women who shaped the lives of people in Peterborough.

At present, we run a group here at the the Women’s Centre, who meet every Monday afternoon from 12:45 to 2:45, to share knowledge, learn new research and communication skills, as well as some IT skills, in the form of using Digital Media.  We have some great speakers lined up as well as trips to the library archives, and guided walks around Peterborough Museum.

The group is supported by a number of tutors, but the main two, being Karen Wilson, CP Learning Trust, (lead tutor) and Karen Toon, ICT Co-ordinator at Peterborough Women’s Centre.

To tie in with International Women’s Day 2011, Peterborough Women’s Centre will display the work of the group in their conference room, which they are also renaming in dedication to their late chairwoman Mary Rainey who sadly passed away in 2010.  Mary, was well known for her work in and around Peterborough, which of course will be mentioned in another part of this blog!  It is anticipated that newly name conference room will be open to the public on International Women’s Day, displaying work of the group, video’s of speakers who have contributed, and other related information.

Karen Toon, ICT Co-ordinator, Peterborough Women’s Centre said:

“A big part of the project for us is to get the learners blogging and contributing to this site.  Other digital medial skills, will perhaps be to tweet, take digital photographs and write up their research using technology to assist them”  she continues, “It doesn’t matter if you are new to technology as we will show you how”

It is hoped that the project will be sustainable, even after the main project has completed and it is hoped that people will contribute to this site continuously, bringing the work of women in Peterborough (past & present) to the fore-front of our minds.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please email Karen Toon, ICT Co-ordinator (PWC)

If you are interested in joining the group that meet on a Monday morning, please email Vicki Hallatt Course Co-ordinator (PWC)

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About this blog

Are you interested in researching the brilliant and multi-cultural women who have helped to shape the lives of people in Peterborough?

Do you want to:
* Celebrate the work of women?
* Learn new skills?
* Make new friends?

Peterborough Women’s Centre run a group every Monday afternoon from 12:45 until 2:45

Hands On History – The Women who shaped the lives of people in Peterborough is a new course run at Peterborough Women’s Centre in Conjunction with CP Learning Trust.

During this course, you will work individually and in a group to research local women, past and present, using a variety of methods including IT, the library and the local archives.

Don’t worry if you have never used a computer before, we will support you in this area. Full Support will be given to you by various tutors and we will use various media such as artwork, digital photography, camcorder, social networking sites, blogging etc to aid your research. All of which you will learn during the course. To run this course we need a minimum number of 8 participants and maximum of 20 – 25 people.

The course completes on 7th March 2011, where we hope to rename our conference room and display all participants work ready for International Women’s Day Tuesday 8th March 2011.


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