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Learning IT with Peterborough Women’s Centre

I would like to mention how Karen Toon has helped me and many more people get On-line in Peterborough through her teaching sessions in the IT Suite at Peterborough Women Centre.  I know many women who are very grateful for what they have learned and there are many I have not even met.

In the last three years I have learned many skills and during the last year have also been helped by Di Skillen as well.  Thank-you to both of you.

You are both Women Who Shaped The Future Of Peterborough.

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Our Visit to the Library Archives

library archives group shot

Here we are at the archives

I went along with my hands on history class to the Archives at Peterborough Central Library for a prearranged appointment to trace the history of  women who shaped Peterborough.

The assistant Archivist allowed us to look at some original paper work of and exhibition work on WUTAC -Womens United Total Abistance Council.  Also original document copies associated with Fletton Infant Welfare Association. Then we were shown documents relating to Emily Pankhurst which then led to us being shown how to use the microfish machine to look at film of copies of old Peterborough Advertiser and Peterborough Standard – local papers – to find advertisements of Ms Pankhurst coming to the Corn Exchange in Peterborough and write ups following this meeting in both local papers dated 1911.

Microfiche image - Emily Pankhurst

On certain machine we were able to photocopy these items for use in our exhibition for International Womens  Day on 8th March 2011 to be displayed for the renaming of the conference room in Peterborough Womens Centre to The Mary Rainey Room – she was former founder of the Peterborough Womens Centre – who passed away in 2010.

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Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1689-1762

Writer, early `feminist’, socialite, introduced smallpox inoculation in England.

Mary Pierrepont, daughter of Duke of Kingston  eloped and married  Edward Montagu from Peterborough rather than marry the man her parents wanted her to. 16.

In December 1715 smallpox ruined her good looks and left her without eyelashes and with a deeply pitted skin.

Her husband ambassador to Turkey, 1717; Mary and child accompanied him to Constantinople; daughter Mary born, 1718; learned a little Turkish and had her son Edward inoculated against small-pox, 1717;

Left England for Venice alone (but apparently still on friendly terms with her husband) and never met her husband again.  Lived in Italy and France; husband died in England, 1761; returned to England and died, 1762.

Mary’s role in introducing innoculation is much more active than often supposed – not in introducing the medical procedure itself, but in changing the nature of the medical community. Sometime I will have to elaborate – for now, a small note from the The Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography:

“The small-pox was a disease which had carried off her only brother, and which had nearly scarred herself for life. The mitigation of it promised by inoculation she introduced into England on her return from Turkey,and after a battle of several years, in whichshe was opposed by the faculty and the public — receiving, however the support of the clever princess of Wales, subsequently Queen Caroline — she triumphed, and thus paved the way for the adoption of Jenner’s great discovery.” (Universal Biography)

Jenner’s discovery was vacination, as opposed to inoculation (vacination was safer).

She had lived her life in a richly personal way… never bothering to be fussy or correct, and never influenced by public judgment. She was an aristocrat in that she knew what she wanted and went and took it without apologizing; and perhaps she was also one in the narrower sense of distrusting sentimentality and defying ennui and in seeking, if only in her letters, to please. … She hated bores, and she fled from them. She hated fools, and she quarrelled with them. …

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