International Womens Day

Just spent the day at Peterborough Women’s Centre, absolutelyamazing and great food.  I don’t think anyone realised just how many inspiring women have lived or been involved with Peterborough.  The day went very well and thanks to the 2 Councillors and the Mayoress and Deputy Mayor who turned up to join the celebration.  Such a shame that more women didn’t feel able to.  Mind you as it was standing room only at the back, not sure over anumber where they would have been but I am sure that Stella and her team would have have found room.  I was disappointed that more of the manageement commitee weren’t able to attend, I was hooping to catch up with some of them. So pleased  that PWC have dedicated the conference room to Mary Rainey, without her passion and commitment the centre would not be as advanced as it is.

Can’t finish without thanking both the Karen’s for inviting me to be involved with this particular project.  Karen W, you will be sorely missed, we have worked together over a number of years and I have always found your work and commitment to be excellent.  Such a shame that none of your senior team were available to view the project.

Well done to everyone who took part in the day.  I will keep in touch

With kind regards

Glennis Bentley MBE


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