Memories of Mary Rainey

One sunny day back in August 2007, I walked into Peterborough Women’s Centre, I was welcomed by the then manager Marie Flanagan and taken upstairs into a room where no less than 5 women were sitting eagerly waiting to interview me for the post of ICT Co-ordinator at Peterborough Women’s Centre.

I’d never been interviewed by 5 people before, so was a little taken back at the questions I was fired at to answer, but none-the-less I answered them to my best ability and well, as the saying goes……

“The Rest is History….”

On 3rd September 2007 I walked back into the centre but this time as a member of staff and throughout the last 3.5 years taught in the region of 1800+ women through the Reaching Communities (Big Lottery) Project.  On several occasions Mary was a learner on one of my courses.

Mary came on my digital photography course.  Unfortunately, whilst carrying out a practical exercise taking pictures in Stanley Rec (the park behind the centre) her batteries went flat.  So in true ‘Mary’ style, she carried on regardless and mingled in with the group, joining in with the group photographs.


Mary pictured with another learner from the Digital Photography for Beginners COurse

double click to enlarge


I had a 1-2-1 with Mary a couple of days afterwards where I believe we spoke about websites.  Mary could talk the “Hind legs of a donkey” and we ran over time and ran through my dinner break.  A Thank You card appeared on my desk the next day, and this can be seen along with the others on the wall of my IT Training Suite.

On a personal note, Mary was a good listener and always asked (as did others) about an illness a family member of mine was going through.  It was warming for me to know, that even though my family & friends were 60 odd miles away, I always had someone to talk to.

So tomorrow, along with other staff members, clients and business associates that Mary knew, we dedicate and rename our conference room to the ‘Mary Rainey Room’ as part of International Women’s Day 2011.

Without the effort that Mary et al, put into the centre (past and present) Peterborough Women’s Centre would not be able to offer the superb services that it does at present.  We will all be toasting a glass to Mary!

…………….Orange Juice, of course !


Karen Toon Comp IT and Comp (Open)
ICT Co-ordinator, Peterborough Women’s Centre


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  1. Thank you for reminding me about the photography course. I remember being on the course with Mary. I sat with Mary with her special christmas present camera. The camera appeared as if it had never been out of the box, since she had it the previous christmas. I could tell she was very enthusiastic to learn all about it. For me, Mary made the experience fun and relaxing, being on one of Karen’s courses.

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