Mayors of Peterborough

Peterborough has had a mayor since 1874, when Queen Victoria granted a municipality “Charter of Incorporation” which meant Peterborough had become a city.

Most mayors serve one year in office, although some have held office for two, three or even four years.  The city first had a woman as mayor in 1939 when Lily Bryant took over.

Subsequent female mayors have been:

1939-1940           Lily Bryant

1952-1953           Mabel Wood

1955-1956           Lady (Gladys Mary) Benstead, JP

1959-1960           Maude Swift

1977-1978           Jean Barker

1980-1981           Audrey Chalmers

1988-1989           Connie Gray

1993-1994           Kathleen Coppen

1994-1995           Roberta Glenys Ewart Day (Bobbie Day)

1997-1998           Yvonne Lowndes

1998-1999           Mary Rainey, B.Ed(Hons)

2007-2008           Marion Todd

2008-2009           Patricia Nash, MBE

2009-2010           Irene Walsh


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