Hands on History Celebration Event

Our “Women who shaped the lives of people in Peterborough” was just a
small part of a larger project ran in Peterborough by CP Learning Trust.

Today was their End of Project Celebration where all the organisations that ran a ‘Hands on History’ project came together to view their work. It was also a day where the learners from those different organisations, were personally awarded with a certificate acknowledging their research efforts.

The event was very informative. Groups had researched the History of RAF Westwood, History of Peterborough Hospitals, History of Iqbana and our own Women who shaped Peterborough, to name but a few.

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Hands on History – Celebration of Project event

CP Learning Trust are hosting a Celebration of Project Event at the City College Peterborough for all those people involved in the project.

The event will be held in rooms H1 13 & H1 14 at City College Peterborough, from 1pm to 3pm.  Including lunch.

Celebration of Project Invite

The research work and pictures from our group of ladies at Peterborough Women’s Centre will be on display as will this website.  We would ask  that all those involved in the project contact Gaynor Cooper at CP Learning Trust to book their place and provide numbers for lunch.

Gaynor can be contacted on 07894 390375 or email gcooper@cpltrust.net

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Mary Rainey founder member of PWC remembered….

Mary Rainey, founder member of Peterborough Women’s Centre has today been remembered in a blog post by the centres Older ‘n’ Bolder group.


Mary joined some of the ladies on a Digital Photography course in previous years and this has been remembered by Shirley Blackwell in her Scrap Book Page design on Digital Photography.

Shirley says she remembers:

Mary took a picture of the group with my little Pink Canon camera.  I can remember her disappointment at not being able to operate her brand new camera due to uncharged batteries.  However, she was so thrilled with being able to join in using shared resources.

The photo Mary was pleased to take

Thanks Shirley, for sharing this.

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Peterborough Women’s Centre mark IWD2011

Here’s a link to an article that has appeared in today’s Peterborough ET regarding our Interneational Women’s Day event last week.

We are awaiting a link to this on the web and will share as soon as we have a better link.

Article from ET 14th March 2011

Double click to enlarge

Unfortunately they got Glennis Bentley award incorrect.


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International Womens Day

Just spent the day at Peterborough Women’s Centre, absolutelyamazing and great food.  I don’t think anyone realised just how many inspiring women have lived or been involved with Peterborough.  The day went very well and thanks to the 2 Councillors and the Mayoress and Deputy Mayor who turned up to join the celebration.  Such a shame that more women didn’t feel able to.  Mind you as it was standing room only at the back, not sure over anumber where they would have been but I am sure that Stella and her team would have have found room.  I was disappointed that more of the manageement commitee weren’t able to attend, I was hooping to catch up with some of them. So pleased  that PWC have dedicated the conference room to Mary Rainey, without her passion and commitment the centre would not be as advanced as it is.

Can’t finish without thanking both the Karen’s for inviting me to be involved with this particular project.  Karen W, you will be sorely missed, we have worked together over a number of years and I have always found your work and commitment to be excellent.  Such a shame that none of your senior team were available to view the project.

Well done to everyone who took part in the day.  I will keep in touch

With kind regards

Glennis Bentley MBE

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Memories of Mary Rainey

One sunny day back in August 2007, I walked into Peterborough Women’s Centre, I was welcomed by the then manager Marie Flanagan and taken upstairs into a room where no less than 5 women were sitting eagerly waiting to interview me for the post of ICT Co-ordinator at Peterborough Women’s Centre.

I’d never been interviewed by 5 people before, so was a little taken back at the questions I was fired at to answer, but none-the-less I answered them to my best ability and well, as the saying goes……

“The Rest is History….”

On 3rd September 2007 I walked back into the centre but this time as a member of staff and throughout the last 3.5 years taught in the region of 1800+ women through the Reaching Communities (Big Lottery) Project.  On several occasions Mary was a learner on one of my courses.

Mary came on my digital photography course.  Unfortunately, whilst carrying out a practical exercise taking pictures in Stanley Rec (the park behind the centre) her batteries went flat.  So in true ‘Mary’ style, she carried on regardless and mingled in with the group, joining in with the group photographs.


Mary pictured with another learner from the Digital Photography for Beginners COurse

double click to enlarge


I had a 1-2-1 with Mary a couple of days afterwards where I believe we spoke about websites.  Mary could talk the “Hind legs of a donkey” and we ran over time and ran through my dinner break.  A Thank You card appeared on my desk the next day, and this can be seen along with the others on the wall of my IT Training Suite.

On a personal note, Mary was a good listener and always asked (as did others) about an illness a family member of mine was going through.  It was warming for me to know, that even though my family & friends were 60 odd miles away, I always had someone to talk to.

So tomorrow, along with other staff members, clients and business associates that Mary knew, we dedicate and rename our conference room to the ‘Mary Rainey Room’ as part of International Women’s Day 2011.

Without the effort that Mary et al, put into the centre (past and present) Peterborough Women’s Centre would not be able to offer the superb services that it does at present.  We will all be toasting a glass to Mary!

…………….Orange Juice, of course !


Karen Toon Comp IT and Comp (Open)
ICT Co-ordinator, Peterborough Women’s Centre

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Saint Kyneburga, one of the four daughters of King Paeda, was married to Alfred, Saxon King of Northumbria at the time the Saxons were being converted to Christianity in the mid 600s.

She was converted, had the marriage annulled and set up a nunnery with her sister Kyniswitha at what is now Castor.  The pair were canonized as saints in 670 and later buried in the village, although their remains were moved to Peterborough Abbey some 500 years later.

The church at Castor, on e of the oldest in the country, is the only one in Britain dedicated to St Kyneburga.

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